Here is a list of questions you may have about us and some answers! If you have any other queries, please contact us!


  • Who are you? Are you an agency?
  • We are a team of two professional freelance translators working together. We are not an agency. We never outsource our work.

  • Do you translate from French into English as well?
  • No, we don't. Translators are supposed to translate into their mother tongue only, and French is our mother tongue. So we only translate documents into French.

  • Do you translate video games only?
  • We translate mainly video games, but we also have years of experience in the fields of IT localization (hardware software, manuals, Website), marketing, tourism and medicine. We also translate children's books.

  • Do you play video games?
  • Yes, indeed! We both love video games and we are avid gamers, too! When we are not translating games, we play on our PC's, PlayStation 3 & 4, Xbox 360 & One, PS Vita and Nintendo DS/3DS (enough to keep us quite busy! ;)).

  • What video game genres do you translate?
  • All of them! We have experience translating the following genres: FPS, RPG, action/adventure, quiz, sport, puzzle games, platformers, MMO, mobile games, etc.

  • Do you use CAT tools?
  • If needed. We can use SDL Studio, MemoQ and Microsoft Localization Studio.

  • How many words do you translate per day?
  • We usually translate (and proofread) 5,000 words a day but, depending on the job, we can usually take on many more words.
  • Do you review/proofread all your translations?
  • Of course! Even twice! When we get a translation, we usually split it into two parts, one for each of us. Once we have finished translating our part, we review the entire translation together in order to avoid errors and to ensure consistency. And finally, we proofread it once again, on paper this time.

Any other questions? Contact us!

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